Samantha Jo

Make your

Life a



you are an artist.

Life is your canvas. Every breath, thought, word and action is a brush stroke. Each moment carries the opportunity to connect with and reveal the magnificent truth of Who You Are. You have been created with purpose to share the spark of the Supreme that is uniquely you - pure Soul. Allowing the frequency of Divine Love to express itself through you is your reason for Being. Yoga is a means of making this magic happen.


I am...

An alchemist. I’ve made my home in the ever changing space of personal transformation. I’m passionate about the intersections of Spirit and relationships, the embodiment of wisdom and the awakening of true joy. I seek to serve as a Soul Alignment Guide, like a sherpa of light through the vast inner landscape with devotion as our compass and Love as the nectar of our nourishment. Let’s walk home together, shall we?



You are being called upon to forge through the fires of resistance, to re-define your relationship with life itself. Life is the alter. This moment is a place of worship. I invite you to bring your willingness, your curiosity, your faith and reverence. Together we will create the space of sacred ceremony, un-earth what needs to be weeded and plant the seeds that grow the garden of your very best life.

Re-claim your magnificence.
— Amara Muse

Amara Muse is a women’s self development project that came to life in 2014 as a collaboration between Samantha Jo and Lauren Strait. In addition to local and international retreats, Amara Muse offers a 200 hour yoga teacher training certification program in upstate NY.


“Samantha Jo is a breath of fresh air and a kick in the ass all at the same time. She finds a way to connect with you on your spiritual path in a way that is authentic, grounding and restorative. Traditional therapy helped me very little but combining Samantha’s coaching, yoga and reiki services allowed me to really open up, work on my shit and do it in an entirely open & safe space. I found myself telling Samantha thing I couldn’t in a decade worth of therapy. I greatly appreciate the opportunity she has given me to become more present, more reflective and more fulfilled in my life and in my relationships. Without sounding cliche people come into your life for a reason & I am forever grateful her & I crossed paths again after so many years.”


“Samantha Jo is magical! I have had amazing response to my session last week. All that was blocked is now flowing through me, allowing me to shine my light. We are so lucky to have you in our back yard!”

-Mary Ann

“Sammy Jo was my first yoga class that I attended ( 5 years ago this April) that felt "right" all the ones prior- I had such a disconnect from my body and breath. To say her classes are transforming is an understatement! It led me on a whole new journey, including getting my own yoga teaching certificate, connecting to my inner self, growing my roots, blooming seeds planted long ago, and stable contentedness/joy.”


“If you don’t know Samantha Jo,.. you’re missing out. I’ve been a student of hers for quite some time. I am constantly learning about the practices of a yogic lifestyle, Ayurveda, Chakras and the cultivation of separation of self and ego. 

I’d been feeling quite off lately, letting my inner dialogue become rotten and poisoned, seasonal changes can be really detoxifying, but you have to recognize it for what it is, and not get caught up and consumed in it. I was letting “the story” come back up... when I slip, I start really turning inward. I start picking up extra self love and care to detach more and more from the toxicity that I need to wring out.

This weeks Saturday class at the farm was just what I needed to cleanse and restore my mind, body and soul. The class was based on the opening, awakening and exposure of the solar plexus chakra. The “I Am” powerhouse chakra. Samantha is the conduit for connecting your breathe, your inner voice, your personal perspective, and your circumstances in an hour of the most positively, divinely planned out yoga series. This class and many others I’ve taken by her have given me such power and freedom to be in my skin. To feel and be present with every fiber of who I am.

Thank you Samantha Jo for giving permission to be the light. I went from not being able to feel my own light, to slowly working through that and fanning the inner flame I burn. This class just ignited something within me that felt so pure. Thank you, for giving permission to just be. I am graciously inspired by your heart and your teachings.
So much love. Please check her classes out. You will leave feeling much better than how you came.


”Samantha Jo is an authentic and amazing being to share space with and learn from. Check her out you will be happy you did.”


”Samantha Jo is absolutely wonderful at what she does.”


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